Posted by: Sharlene G | 10/14/2010


I have a fascination with trousers. I want them all in every color I can find lol. So I decided to do a post dedicated to every single trouser I want. Plus i know some family members that check into the blog to find out what to get me for my Birthday 😉


  1. Brace Chino Peg Leg Trousers $53.92
  2. Flannel Wide Leg Trouser $60.66
  3. Low Slung Mans Peg Leg Trouser $64.03
  4. Chino Trousers $47.18
  5. Slouch Pocket Trousers $60.66
  6. Wool Touch Pyjama Peg Trouser $60.66
  7. Popper Panel Trousers $53.92
  8. Low Slung Man’s Peg Trouser $64.03
  9. Silk Ruched Leg Trousers $67.40
  10. Baby Cord Peg Trousers $53.92
  11. Zip Pocket Trousers $60.66
  12. Woven Panel Jersey Cuff Pants $40.44


  2. TROUSERS SALUD $69.90
  3. TROUSERS P-L TICO $109.90


  1. I LOVE ASOS! and im in love with trousers too!!!!

    check out my post about jumpsuits on Asos… i love those too! lol 🙂

    • Girl, I’m obsessed with ASOS and so glad they started a US site.

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