Posted by: Sharlene G | 01/27/2010

Closet | Jae & London

Say hello to Jae and London! Beautiful mother and daughter that I could not resist on doing a closet post. I have only known Jae a short time but she has such a great, vibrant heart, and London is just the cutest baby.

His & Hers Closets  {So Cute]

Look at that amazing Necklace Tree

Jordan 1’s, Forever21 Heritage Jeans, Dime Piece Crewneck

Forever21 dress

Abercrombie Shirt

BCBG Dress

I believe the jersey speaks for itself

Polo Slippers

Pink & Hello Kitty

Little Fashionista in the making

Hello Kitty Beauty Set

Dress & Vest from The Gap

Green Peacoat & Bomber Leather Jacket

Can never go wrong with some Leopard print

Polo slip-ons, Jordans, boots, leopard flats

Hope you enjoyed this Mother-Daughter Closet 🙂



  1. i LOVE IT ❤

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