Posted by: Sharlene G | 01/21/2010

Closet | Kitty City-Johainess

Say Hello to this amazing, young, free-spirited lady Johainess aka Ms.J.Peach . She is part of Kitty City and a Thrifting queen. I had the pleasure of  taking a gander into her walk-in closet and I must say almost every item is from a thrift store. She has a unique eye to find beauty in an item that someone may have deemed trash.

So lets take a peek..

Highwaisted Khaki pleated pants

Vintage Mickey Mouse sweater

Via Condotti Navy Sailor button Blazer

Jean Shearling lined Jacket

Vintage Prada Jacket, DimePiece T-shirt, Levi’s 501 jeans

Vintage hat and Skirt suit

Dresses Galore

A gift to her from a friend

Long sequin dress from loehmans

Net Shirt

Arnold Constable Fifth ave Fur coat and dress handed down to her from her mother.

A unique , eclectic young woman who can help you find anything in a thrift store.

Hope you enjoyed this closet, til the next one!



  1. Love it! love her! xoxoxo

  2. Thank You Shar…. You really captured me in a Nutshell… Shoot girl. Iwill never forget you for this, much appreciated. I admire you for being such a HumbleBee. Your on your way yo the top.. all the way to the top. I hope I’m there to jelp you in any step of the way. BTW Mah Mama <3s YOU!

  3. awwwww she’s too effin cute. love it. he has A LOT of fun stuff.

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