Posted by: Sharlene G | 10/08/2009

25 is a Beautiful Number

That is how old I will be turning next month. Now the search for the perfect birthday dress begins…

Let me take you back in time through the past bday outfits starting at..

Age 22


This was a dress I got at BeBe and brown suede boots from Aldo


Age 23


This a vintage Purple sequins strapless dress that my amazing friend Vintage Vandalizm gave me for my day. She knows me so well and knew I would fall in love with it.

Age 24


H&M sleeveless blazer, american apparel black boa leggings, Zigi ankle boots

accessories from Forever21

Each birthday was so memorable and I had an amazing time each yr. Now the Big 25 approaches and my outfit this yr must top the past 3.

Today i was on the hunt for dresses online and saw these 4…


Camilla and marcCamilla and Marc

fcukFrench Connection

fcuk2French Connection


Now these are the ones I fell in love with today I’m sure there will be more when I actually hit up some stores.

Lets take a Vote of which of these 4 you like more.. 😉



  1. you should wear the vintage dress! it has the most impact!

  2. ur outfit for ur 24th was amazing not just cuz i was there 🙂 i vote vintage but i found this free ppl dress n totally thought of u –

    • ooo soo cute!

  3. im working this sale this weekend, kinda a closeout sale for last seasons stuff and we have some cute dresses on crazy discount ends up less than $200. its called fifthonmain going to be on west broadway btwn prince&spring this fri sat sun. theres not a huge selection but if u are in the soho area this weekend stop by maybe u’ll find a cute bday dress

  4. numero dos

  5. my two cents….
    Number one is OK, two is mad cute but a lil too Summer-y. Now three, four & Five are awesome. But it totally depends on what you are doing to celebrate.
    I am completely in love with five, that shit is bananas! four, the one shoulder dress is adorable, and versatile but I feel like you already might have something similar, it looks predictable. Like you will def look great in it but you look great in anything like that.
    three and five are knockouts! However I can’t help to wonder how comfortable five might actually be. 😉

  6. Very good place
    Follow us on twitter

  7. a simple black dress. 😉

    • Black is my last option.. i had “all black everything” last yr

  8. hey, 3 or 5!

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