Posted by: Sharlene G | 09/29/2009

Closet| Kitty City – NattyMONSTAAA

Allow me to introduce you to one of the Ladies of Kitty City . A young free spirited woman, HipHop and Reggae loving NattyMONSTAA .


You can catch this Kitty hosting parties in downtown Manhattan and in Brooklyn or on stage with Prophit .

She is an amazingly interesting soul with a good head on her shoulders, so I decided to Invade her closet.

Around her room you can spot posters, artwork, collectible Comic cards.


Now Lets take a look at her closet and style..


She goes thrifting more out of NY because it can be limmited here. She prefers NJ & PA.

SoniaRykielSonia Rykiel Floral Dress 


Clothing Fetish : Vintage Army Fatigue

H&M Leather jacket with friends Dad military jacket underneath.


Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirts

ACDC Tshirt, Club Monaco blazer, Highwaisted american apparel pants


Floral jumper and sandals from a vintage shop in NJ


Repping NY with her Mets jacket



Vintage Striped shirt

American Apparel white Pants

Scarf was cut from a dress


Doesn’t wear earrings it’s all about her rings and necklaces.


Floral print One piece suit was purchased at beacons closet.


“When it comes to dressing it all depends on my mood. I’m an all around person. i can go from sneakers, boots, to heels.”


I hope you got to see her free spirit through her style.

Click the links at the top of the posts for her and Kitty City twitter pages.

Stay Tuned for the rest of  Kitty City there is definitely more to come!



  1. great stuff.
    I like her style a lot, you can def tell it’s genuine and unique to her personal lifestyle. I peep the girly and the adorable tomboy mashed in together like she can be cute and fun but comfort is key as if she is always subconsciously appropriately dress for war, I like it.

  2. Natty is killing it 😀

  3. i’m an accessories fiend, so i gotta say her rings are dope. the tatt is ill too.

  4. Perfect work!Keep posting
    Follow us on twitter

  5. I love this post… the Kitty Kat Club is gonna takeover the world one day! I see it in my dreams, lol! mucho amor!

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