Posted by: Sharlene G | 09/18/2009

A Day With The Vandal…


I spent the day with an Amazing Woman, Friend, Artist, Stylist, Designer, and Blogger. I know her as Jasmin Rodriguez but she is known to others as VINTAGE VANDALIZM  . We Started off our day going to Goodwill and the Salvation army for some thrifting fun. I followed her around snapping pics of her digging through racks and she came out with some Great pieces.





We saw some amazing Goodies thrifting and we saw some of our childhood faves also..

For The items She actually took home with her…


She picked up this beautiful Black dress by Niki Original


These are a few of the accessories Jasmin picked up..

  • The Yellow Bow
  • Chain bow necklace
  • Basket  Purse


Amazing Long bow printed skirt by Josephine


Last but not least This Grey Dress by NewPort News

It was a fun day following  Jasmin through The salvation army while we chatted up a storm.. Afterwards we went to her apt. had dinner then i got her to do a closet piece as well..




Her amazing shoe collection from spikes to lovely cupcake colors.


The First person i’ve seen who keeps her glasses in a glass case..



I was having too much fun in Ms.Vandals room it is DRESS HEAVEN! You can pretty much shop for a dress in there.

I asked her one question..”What is your clothing fetish?”  She answered “Leather, skulls,  and looking like a cupcake.”

She had one more thing to say which I put together in this following photo..


If you have not met this woman yet then get to it!

There is so Much to come from VINTAGE VANDALIZM keep a look out for her.

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  1. how much fun! ❤ the concept. kind of reminds me of but with a different angle.

    • Oooh interesting my first time seeing that site..

  2. […] Click here to see whats inside! […]

  3. Amazing finds! Which good will and salvation army is that?

  4. Oh, thanks for this peek in! What an amazing closet, it helps that she looks so great in everything, love ya VV!

  5. nothing short of fantastic.

  6. aw I love you shar, and everyone who commented this post ❤

  7. I love collecting anything vintage (shoes, suits, glasses …) You would be sick if you knew the items I sold and donated this past weekend in my Big Azz Yard Sale. I donated several vintage dresses, suits and handbags to the Historical Museum here in Eustis and they will be doing a special exhibit with the pieces including a wedding gown from the 30’s I gave them. *sigh … I wish I had more space but it was fun while I had them.

  8. i have found the most amazing pieces shopping at the salvation army in jers. so awesome to see fashionable women finding unique items and rocking them soooo well.

  9. Wow,super site here!
    Follow us on twitter

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