Posted by: Sharlene G | 09/12/2009

A Day With An Interpreter pt.1

Another fashion Interpreter That is!

I spent the day with Keith Pearson [stylist & blogger]


We decided to do a different take on my closet invasion. I followed him around Barney’s to see what he would purchase to improve his closet.

So we started off on the Third floor…


He came across a Black V-neck Sweater by Number (N)ine

Can you tell he Liked it by his facial expression.


Next item that caught his attention was a Balenciaga Varsity jacket


I personally Love this jacket!

Now we go on to the Fifth Floor of  Barney’s and I come to realize Keiths Fashion Fetish is SHOES!


I realized he was in heaven holding those Lanvin Hi-Tops


After seeing the Lanvin sneakers he turns around and picked up a pair of Black Leather Balenciaga sneakers.

Balenciaga Leather sneaker

Our trip at barney’s was short and sweet Keith has agreed to do a Part 2 with me with plenty of more shopping stops.


So Please Stay tuned for Part 2 with Keith..

While you wait check out his Blog Another Fashion Interpreter 

Or Follow Him on TWITTER



  1. love Keith! i wanna see his closet though!

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