Posted by: Sharlene G | 08/26/2009

Welcome To My Closet

So its about time that I allow you to take a peek in my closet. It is only right for you to see what I have because I will definitely be invading a closet near you. It’s another way to get to know me other than trying to figure out what I do for a living. Every individual in this world has some goodies whether basic, vintage, or luxury and I just want to dig deep and see what your personal style is all about and how it may have grown to what it is today. 

Sharlene G’s Closets


Clothing fetish– Button downs & V-neck tee’s


This Summer for me was all about flowy & mini skirts


My fave Shorts- jean, color, or stripe


Summer Dresses- the most comfy and cute staple for summer days


Shoes= My all time faves from everything I have.


My overall Style

  •  Comfortable
  • Simple
  • Chic
  • Fun
  • Sweet

I did my best on not trying to destroy my closet pulling outfits out to show you. I will still be doing my Style Diaries so you will continuously be peeking through my closet. This is so you can get a sense of  what I like to stuff my closets with.

Coming Soon- starting this week i will be invading a few closets so please stay tuned as What’s in Your closet ? begins to take off.



  1. first time on ur blog today <3<3<3 will def be back!

    • Thank you Luv!

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