Posted by: Sharlene G | 08/04/2009

Texas Vibe

I just wanted to briefly introduce a new friend/photographer who i have and will continue to work with.


Meet Texas an amazing soul and photographer!

Photo by Yumna

Her Style is as humble as her personality.

A couple months ago we did a little shoot which I styled myself.

Take a Look..

KingTexas_SharleneG_2009-06-11 20 of 255

KingTexas_SharleneG_2009-06-11 50 of 255

KingTexas_SharleneG_2009-06-11 173 of 255

KingTexas_SharleneG_2009-06-11 246 of 255

Stay tuned For Our next Collabo in the meantime check out the rest of her photography King Texas

Also check this post on Good peoples



  1. She’s talented and your a great model, equals, perfection!

  2. nice pics..the last one is my favorite!

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