Posted by: Sharlene G | 06/22/2009

Big L Tribute




I Guarantee you will enjoy this mix!

DJ Soul is one who never ceases to amaze me when it comes to music he knows the deal. So check out his blog and dowload this mix.

1. Intro (Part 1) feat. Lord Finesse
2. Intro (Part 2) feat. Funkmaster Flex & Nas
3. Principle Of The New School (Freestyle) 
4. Yes You May Remix feat. Lord Finesse
5. DJ Premier Interlude
6. MVP (Live From Amsterdam) 
7. Ebonics
8. Internationally Known feat. OC 
9. Hit It (unreleased) 
10. I Shoulda Worn A Rubba aka The Clinic (unreleased)
11. American Dream feat. McGruff, Mase, Cam’ron & Bloodshed
12. Sandman 118th (Freestyle) 
13. Games Females Play (unreleased) 
14. School Dayz (unreleased) 
15. The Devil’s Son (Live From Amsterdam) 
16 .Times Is Hard On The Blvd (unreleased)
17. Day One feat. Diamond 
18. Interlude feat. Fat Joe 
19. The Enemy feat. Fat Joe 
20. Street Struck 
21. Interlude feat. Bobbito
22. 95 Freestyle feat. Jay-Z (Live on WKCR with Stretch Armstrong & Bobitto)
23. Uptown Connection aka Danger Zone feat. Mase & McGruff
24. Lord Finesse Interlude
25. How Will I Make It (unreleased)


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